Asphalt Roof Installation in Florence, KY, and Surrounding Areas and Cities

Your roof is a considerable investment, so when the time comes to replace an old roof or install a brand-new one, you likely want to be sure you have the best fit. One option many homeowners choose is asphalt roofs. If you live in Florence, KY, or the surrounding areas and cities, then choose James Elliott Roofing for your asphalt roofing installation project.

Why Asphalt?

While you have a range of materials to choose from, asphalt is one of the most popular. Discover why asphalt is the perfect choice for you:

  • Asphalt is durable: If you worry that weather will impact your asphalt roof, don’t. Many asphalt shingles come with high impact and fire resistance ratings. That way, whatever weather comes your way, asphalt roofs can handle it.
  • Asphalt is versatile: Asphalt is not just the typical black or gray color you might think of. Asphalt comes in many styles and colors to complement your home and can even imitate other roofing materials.
  • Asphalt is affordable: If you want a quality roof without breaking your budget, then asphalt is the way to go. You’ll enjoy years of effective protection without high costs.

If you’re ready to get your asphalt roof, turn to James Elliott Roofing today.

Why Us?

When you need to undertake an asphalt roof installation project, you deserve a quality roofing company. We strive to be that company with our robust guaranteed warranties, certified contractor status, years of experience, and quick turnaround times of one day. If you want a qualified roofer to install your roof as soon as possible, you’ll find what you need here at James Elliott Roofing.

Ready for a New Roof?

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